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Is it Wrong, to Fall in Love…….

......with a house during a Pre-sale Home Inspection?   I hope not!  This home isn't new, nor is it without some minor deficiencies.  But, this house is my style of home.  Well built, well maintained and reminds me of the house I grew up in, but, bigger, better, and with a stunning view! For any…
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Does your Home Inspector still get on the roof to do a proper inspection?

Calgary Home Inspector enjoying his NEW view while performing a roof inspection at a home in the NE Calgary.   Is it a billboard or truck?  Well, I guess it's both, however believe it or not my inspection reports are better looking than my truck!  I couldn't help but take a picture whilst on a roof inspecting yesterday.  Does…
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Undisclosed Wood Basement found during Home Inspection

During a Calgary Home Inspection the home buyer was surprised I described the basement as WOOD.  As it was listed as a concrete foundation, and appeared like a concrete foundation with full parging, and a completely finished basement.    There was zero foundation visible to confirm one way or another.  How did Pryde Built Home Inspections know…
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Gutter downspouts too short or still upright

Keep your Basements Dry! Did you know 90% of basement moisture can be prevented by maintaining your downspouts in their proper position.  At least 6 feet away from your house.  With this, and proper lot grading, you can definitely help secure the dryness of your basement.  Pryde Built Home Inspections will ensure these systems are…
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Calgary Home Inspection-Catch of the Week May 31, 2014

     CATCH OF THE WEEK During a Home Inspection in Calgary, Pryde Built Home Inspections unique things all the time.  Can anyone guess what this is?  Most importantly, where did I find it?  #catchoftheweek @prydebuilt  The odd smell that never would be found without a borescope during a Home Inspection.  Note the scorching on the picture.…
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Calgary Home Inspection Catch of the Day

@prydebuilt   Another great Thermal imaging Picture causing the heating of the wire.  I am confident this would have caused a fire in a couple years.  #catchoftheday   This was a 5 year old house.  Something you'd expect to see with aluminum wiring.  But it was copper.    
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