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Undisclosed Wood Basement found during Home Inspection

wood basement During a Calgary Home Inspection the home buyer was surprised I described the basement as WOOD.  As it was listed as a concrete foundation, and appeared like a concrete foundation with full parging, and a completely finished basement.    There was zero foundation visible to confirm one way or another.  How did Pryde Built Home Inspections know it was wood? 1.  When sounding from the exterior, it portrayed as hollow.  (This can't confirm it was made of wood, as it could have been studded and sheathed on top of a concrete foundation, but, definitely got my spidey senses tingling. 2.  Foundation wall thickeness what around 7 inches thick including parging as seen in the window opening.  Which would be borderline thin for a concrete foundation, but, perhaps possible. 3.  Confirmation was made with thermal imaging showing studs behind the finished drywall basement walls.  Now, studs and drywall would be 4 inches at minimum, plywood and parging another inch.  Which leaves 2 inches for a concrete foundation, simply not possible.  Most definitely it was an insulated 2x6 wall, drywalled and sheathed and parged on the exterior. I am not discrediting a wood basement, if built properly they will last a very very long time.  There are some great benefits to a wood basement.  The Seller and Agent, were completely unaware, and always assumed it was concrete. Should this issue hinder the buyer from purchasing the house?  It's not my call  It's up to them, but, due to our Home Inspection they were able to make an informed decision. #catchoftheweek, @prydebuilt

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